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just see if it has a sracth or buy a non hardened editon

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I was occassionally getting this disc error message on my 4-year old PS3 until it eventually gave me the YLOD.  Ended up buying a brand new PS3 slim.  Now I cannot play more than a few games without getting the disc error message.  I have tried all of the methods mentioned above.  None have worked.

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I should also mention that MW3 is the only game that is giving me problems.  I played MW2 for several hours without any errors.  This is almost certainly a problem on the MW3 side (disc, patch, etc).

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I was set to go buy a new machine too, figuring it had just run it's course.  This is a real pain in the butt.  Please post if you come up with any fix or hear of one.  Seems to be a lot of finger pointing by folks that should be in the know on how to resolve the issue.  Good luck

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This "Disk Read Error" message is startin to get on my effin nerves. After that recent update i cant play MW3 at all! My ps3 is fine as other games work without a problem and i can woch dvd's fine! I get into a game it works for about a minute and then it either 1. freezes or 2. Goes black and displays the disk read error message. I know its not the disk either as that works fine in my friends ps3. SO FRUSTRATED! I've deleted game data and restored it, Deleted eliete app on my ps3, Used the inconsole fan to try and blow all the dust out and cleaned the disk too! Just when i was gettin back inot MW3 is does this shit. Called up activision and they had no answers, BUT they did say if it is a problem on their side (which most definately is) it would get fixed in the next patch which is probably around the next eliete drop.

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Like others said... The game is now unplayable. I can't play for more than 5 minutes without getting a disc read error or having the game crash. I'm going to gamestop right now and trading it in for 15 yes 15 dollar store credit after spending roughly 80 dollars including the map packs. What A JOKE.

Buying BF3 right now lmao....

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this happened to me about a 2 weeks ago...  game is unplayable...  ive tried everything ive seen .... but nothing seems to work....  i assumed it was my game disc at first... but at least i know this is a problem for many...  i last about  1 minute in every game....

ill just keep an eye out to see if patch fixes this..... 

this game has had less problems than black ops gave me... but this error is driving me crazy....

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I tried to get slick since I have gamefly.

I ordered up another MW3 disc and that one was less playable on MP than my original was, so my contrived plan didn't work, but it was worth a shot.

Honestly haven't even bothered to give it another go.

Isn't there another map pack coming out soon? That should cause a new update hopefully and a fix for this issue.

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The MW3 disc is labour intensive with the PS3. Game freezes and disc errors are an indication your Optical drive will fail soon. You can at the begining of the degradation of your Optical drive put in other games and they will work fine as they are not as labour intensive as MW3. But, sooner than later they will not be recognised by your PS3 Optics either.

Cleaning it only delays the enevitable.

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But what if my ps3 is new ?

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