Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 clan - UK squad!

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Hey guys!

I'm deccy953, a captain of tgfx, a mw3 and bo2 clan for xbox 360!

The clan is mainly american players, but we are wanting to make a new squad for UK players only!

The clan is ranked 34 and is in the top 100 mw3 clans in the world at rank 21!

We need all UK players to join so we can start getting the UK up in lights!

So go to the website below, join and fill out an application form to join us!

Under 'how did you hear about us', put deccy953 and you will be put in my squad instantly!

there are over a hundred active members in the squad up to now, so join and get gaming!

p.s - I need a lieutenant to help me run the squad so join now and it might be you!!!!!!

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