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Hello my fellow comrads. I'm just getting bored of dropping the Moabs in Mw3, so I decided to make a trolltage/funtage. Click or copy and paste this link to watch it. Please leave me some feedback and tell me what I can do to improve it ( Editing wise, and clips wise ) Thanks to everyone who watched it!


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Come on Venom, can't you kids do something different?  We've seem all this before a million times, don't you ever do any research and look on what's already on youtube yourself?  Your just wasting time making something that's been flogged to death in the same way QS and MOAB montages have been flogged to death.

Your already 6 months too late with this, it's very old news.

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I watched it, it's a little bit too samey to the other troll or ninja defuse videos. But what put me off watching another videos of yours was the first line of your post in this thread.

Way to rub it in your audiences faces. I guess no one bothered watching your moab videos which is why this video was posted?

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