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~ Recruiting ~

~ Level 28 Clan

~ 9 Members (5 Premium & 4 Free)

~ 6 Hours Double XP Level. 30

~ Enlist in all Clan Ops

~ Must do at least 1 Op a Week or Kick


~ Premium or Founder preferably

~ K/D Not an Issue

~ Must be Mature

~ Team Player

~ Friendly


We are a small clan looking to expand, as we have been struggling with ops recently due to people not turning up. We are a group of friends who play for the enjoyment of the game. We are UK based so the first clan op of the weekend I know can be a struggle (2am - 5am). But if you join we expect you do at least one clan op a weekend. 

We will give 2 weeks trial to all perspective members. This is not to check skill level, it is more so we can see if we get along. This is because we are a tight knit group of friends and any member must get on well with the rest of the clan.

Send application via Team Page - https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/1569515

Or send a message to x Onyx Dragon x and I will get back to you ASAP

Thank You

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Hey there, i am very interested in joining your clan. I am currently in a clan (RSU-) but the clan leader has not put us in for any clan ops/challenges for about 3 weeks and before that i was competing in clan ops my self (3 silvers and a bronze). I am a premium member and play a fair amount but at various times in the day as i work night shifts (3/4 a week) My gamer tag is the same as my forum name.


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