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If you thought this game couldnt get any worse then ohh boy your in for a reall treat !!!

I dont know what you devs have done but you've managed what i didnt think was possible given this game played so bad anyway.

I have played against a full clan from the US tonight while i was host, i was the only player in the lobbie with a constant 4 bar connection, the advantage they were getting on me was just laughable.. Im located right at the top off scotland next to The location off the map AGROUND.. Lol

As well as that US clan there were multiple other games where players had tags IRAQ, and believe me they were.. Running around with rpg's an everthing.. Lol seriously tho, you guys have really F U C K E D UP big time.

Ive seen the other threads about ping searches and i get the same thing, the % indicator is now gone and it just says the ping range its searching followed by 1 game found, then it carries on until it gets silly high or merges a lobbie.

We need an emergency roll back or at least region lock this game like you did no day 1 when it actually played well..

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im getting the opposite effect here...

im also in scotland and the past 3 or 4 games ive been in a lobby with all american players yet the game has never ran so smooth for me, bullets are hitting when they should and im not getting b.s. deaths Smiley Frustrated

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Shame Activision doesn't hold their other studios to Blizzard's standards, when some game breaking mechanic was introduced into WoW, that got fixed ASAP. O well, not everyone can be as good at their jobs as Blizz's devs.

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same here buddy was geting 50 potential games searches and about 30 when looking for games on the new elite maps now since the update i get 1 potential gme wtf is going on activision 2 much $ spent

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Mine used to ALWAYS say 50 Potential Games Found and was really quick. Not only does it only now say "1 Potential Game Found" and takes forever, but i've only been able to play about 2 matches and now the sound cuts out in the lobby, freezes up, screen goes black, and I've gotten several "Disc Error" messages. Never had this problem until I just did the update earlier. Anybody else getting anything like this?

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I havent been able to get into a HC KC match since this morning, or at least i dont wait past 10 minutes for a game to start.

I usually play dropzone, but with the amount of quicksnipers(two or three per match) using the lag to their apparent advantage i was going to go back to HC to see if i could have a little fun with it while they fixed this mess.

No luck. Its been searching for a HC KC match for 8 minutes now and still nothing. Maybe ill put in BLOPS and find some entertainment there.

You figure for a game to make $400,000,000 in 24 hours alone, and well over $1,000,000,000 in the first two weeks, they could show a little god da mned respect to their loyal fans and fix their fu cked up mess of a game, before those loyal fans turn into angry enemies.

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I've put 492 hours into this game and what I'm experiencing now had to be the lowest point of all that time playing. I'm not just disappointed by this but embarrassed, frankly, because I know issues can happen, but something on this scale is catastrophic as far as online gaming is concerned. This utter abomination should be dubbed 'Modern Warfare: Titanic'. I already have long-standing friends threatening to leave, whom I've known for years of this isn't fixed immediately, so unless you want your userbase cut then this has to be fixed immediately.

As stated above, I can only connect to Americans, but they all seem to be bad players standing in corners, and when you shoot them they turn around and shoot you back and kill you. It's insane on an epic level and I not only demand answers but also compensation in the form of double xp or a prestige token or something, or mine and many others loyalty might just go wayward.

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And what makes it worse is it's been like this for about 12 hours and you've done nothing about it, no announcement, nothing!!!!!!!

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fishdalf wrote:

And what makes it worse is it's been like this for about 12 hours and you've done nothing about it, no announcement, nothing!!!!!!!


I'm sorry about that. Candice and I have been putting announcements on Twitter and Facebook, but completely neglected announcing what we've been up to on the boards today-- I promise that won't happen again. On the plus side, a bunch of us including myself and Mark Rubin are still in the office because we just fixed matchmaking. We really want to make it up to you guys and offer Double XP and Double Weapon XP at the same time. I know it's not much, but at the very least, I hope you know that we appreciate you guys.

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I just checked out the Infinity Ward official Twitter page and they have stated several times today that they are aware of the problem and 2 Hours ago they last posted and said "We've figured out the problem and will post the ETA soon. Thanks for your patience!" Who the hell knows when that will be though, right? damn!

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