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OP, what are you talking about? 402 is really tight with the comminuty and gives them what they want based on extensive interaction with the fans! You must be part of the 1% he mentions from time to time.

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LOL. Yeah the person who had hudreds of thousands, if not millions, of people tell him to take deathstreaks out of MW2...what does he do? Puts them in MW3... I have nothing aganst him personally, but the man needs a new job if infinityward wants to win back the community.

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All that really needs to be removed are death streaks, support streaks, akimbo secondaries. There you go. No noob will agree to play this.

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Just play the dam game and stop crying about what ppl use. SH!T i'm so fed up with it. Take this out WHAA WHAAAA take that out WHAAA WHAAAAAA don't play like this WHAAA WHAAAA don't play like that WHAAA WHAAAAAA. grow the hell up. Everything in this game has a counter so figure it out.

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i agree with the op in hc noobtoobs and rocket launchers make the game like mw2 which is why i dont play that mode i got a double moab going 70-5 in hc once rushing, mainly because the other team sucked but still it was awesome then when they all left we loaded into a lobby were everyone used the noobtoob and rocket launcher... we won but damn my kd was shit i think i got 2 helis the whole game in dom... the issue is that in regular mode explosives dont do much damage i swear stickys are way too weak but i've learned to deal with it... however i would love a rpg match only that would be insane kinda like the halo multiplayer, or even knife pistol only... that would be amazingly fun  

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They said they would trim back explosives and make it more about you and your gun... yet you almost never outrun a claymore unless you have stalker, they added a new noob tube that fires full auto AND they reduced the effectiveness of blast shield from Black Ops' Flak Jacket. If they made a HC Barebones where there were no killstreaks, no attachments (or at least no underbarrels), no explosives (except maybe frags) and no launchers (including stingers since there would be no air support) then people could litterally play with their gun and that's it. OH, and no deathstreaks... they promised no last stand too and couldn't deliver.

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Cry baby Free Forums?

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That wont happn. Some people have to complain about everything.

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The OP has a good point, i play alot and getting ran sack with just blind tubes and launchers. Get in the lobby and turns out its just kids, really kids playing the game. I hate it much as the next player does, but since they cant shoot a gun, the would just random shot at crap to get something. There KD is crappy, and so are there gun skills. I try not to go to there level and start going apeshit on launchers and tubbing, but i have done it to make them rage quit. I love it when i say, thats how you suppose to use it, when i kill them. O the hate messages.. It will be nice where we have guns only, no air kill streaks HC match.. As for the idiot response, use a trophy.. Sorry i can take one out with a clip and tube at the same time. This is how i stop campers for sitting to long in HC KC or HCTDM. There really needs some age verfication on future COD games to keep kiddies away..

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A kind of hc leagueplay ranking system playlist? Would'nt that be what you want, well if there's a big enough demand and half of the cod players start playing hc playlists, maybe, some day, with a tank, you'll get what you want, and a taco, those are great, they litterally make your mouth wet, of pleasure.

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