New bo2 clan Pr0diGy Gaming Recruiting loyal players willing to make a new account [PS3]

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New bo2 clan Pr0diGy Gaming Recruiting loyal playe...

Pr0diGy Gaming is a new recruiting clan that basically needs more beasts & loyal players ... Like you

Here is a few things:

•A new clan with potential
•We play BO2
•We play almost any game mode multiplayer.
•We do complete clan challenges when needed to.

•We need a Youtuber to show our videos

•Also someone to get us sponsered as A clan

Apply to the link:

We do have a few requirements:
•No K/D Requirements
•MUST BE ACTIVE (If not don't apply)

•Must play in USA
•Must participate in clan challenges.
•Mics are optional.
•Put your PSN below
•When you are invited to games join
•Must be a serious player

•Competitive players

•Name change (For example: Name_Pr0diGy)

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