New clan just started up called CrYsIs Gaming looking for people to join getting a ghost team ready must atless have a K/D of 1.20 or 1.00... read the description below

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whats up guys my name is zXGreyXz on xbox360 i been running a clan almost 2 years know on ps3 and we are doing i decided to start up a xbox360 squad we r

lvl1 MW3

lvl 1 BO2

Members 2

so if theres anyone out there looking to join a clan must atless have a K/D of 1.00 i would like it if you had 1.20 but 1.00 is fine

i am a pro play just to get that out there so this team will be doing alot as a team such as MLGs,GB, League team,Callout Practice, Zombie squad, and facing other clans on Fragged Nation so if you guys are looking for a clan and family on xbox360 heres the link

looking forward in playing with you guys

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thanks for accepting my application.

keep me posted on what is happening and when we will have matches etc. at the moment i only play MW3 but once we get going ill branch out to BO2 etc

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