New elite founder status emblems

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How do you get the new elite founder status emblems that are out i see people with them but dont have a clue on how they got them

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As far as I know, there are no "new" founder status emblems.  Show an example?  The only founder emblem I know about is the half silver elite founder emblem.

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Lol. New founder emblems? I dont think so.

I think you see people whit the red/blue skull ? or just whit the half silver skull?

cuz the red/blue skull is for free members and the half silver skull for founders.

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Lol. Why don't your actually go check out a list of emblems first and how to get them. There's about 15 emblems that all say Elite founder status, but nothing else on how to actually earn them. Their placement on the emblems list is in between the other 2 Elite emblems and a few after the founder emblem

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