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By replying to this thread, you agree to be on the receiving end of fail pics and lolcatz, wether it be selective or at random.

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I already agreed to such circumstances by signing the GRaS membership contract. Later I found out in the fine print that I'd also have to give my first born child to Snake. But that's something I'll deal with later.

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What is this? ... I don't even...

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Why not? I'll get in on some quality fail.

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Excuse me, what? lol.

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I like how links work now. I didn't like having to highlight things to go to an external site. Now I can see images form the site with an ease of a click.




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Just testing to see if pictures work too. There is a camera picture button but it doesn't seem to work yet let's see if this does:>

EDIT: Still don't work. :/

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The picture popped up for me without opening another tab or making me leave the site.


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Ah, nice discovery, I always just right click and open as new tab but now I don't even need to do that. :thumbsup:

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