No face off for Wii?!

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Your right i paid 50 bucks for this AC-130less game we deserve DLC/face off

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Why? WHY?!?

AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!! I can't stand it anymore!!!!

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The wii can't handle all the dlc and missing kill streaks.  If the wii were to have them, the frame rate would be the equivalent of a potato.  You should be glad they're not in the game, otherwise the game would be even more broken with all the hackers and whatnot.

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The Wii can't handle the missing killstreaks, but it can handle the DLC, but each DLC is around 2gb of space. I think I read somewhere that the Wii Shop Channel has a limit for each download they have there at around 40mb. We can download the DLC into a SD card and play it off of that. But the Wii Shop Channel doesn't support it.

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When will these forum newbies learn...

The Wii cannot support the missing killstreaks and DLC! Do your homework before buying a game!

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Legend says if you yell at your Wii loud enough, it will listen.

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worked when my wii wouldn't turn on so it must be true.

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Alright guys.. i just got A ps3 so im happy now alright  

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Gtfo Wii forums.

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Glad I can use this thing again before the release of the Wii U

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