Once again... 402 and IW listen to core kids whining... when will #MOARhardcore get an ear?

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ermm... wow. just wow. lol. you're argument is based on the assumption that a larger percentage of the core community has different personalities than than the HC community?... just wow.

the reason you see less "whining" from the HC community isn't because they're more mature or can handle bullcrap better, it's because HC is a totally different game and the HC comm is MUCH smaller...

Weapon balance is less of an issue especially in HC because when weapons do more damage, a lot of weapons are on the same level, hence, balance.

Many AR's that are 4 shot kills turn into 3 shot kills, and AR's that were 3sks are still 3sks, and so on and so forth. and with people dying faster because of more damage per hit, lag comp issues seemingly fade into the background, at least for me and many of my friends.

however I'm still a core player because I don't like not having HUD

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Re: Once again... 402 and IW listen to core kids w...

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I think, not going to put words in his mouth, but I think he means that the majority of the complaints made are about weapon and perk balance, and the only people who whine about those are CORE players, because it doesnt really affect the HC players. In HC all the perks are pretty balanced, weapons are def balanced (besides the akimbo machine pistols, which are just stupid easy to kill with in Core or HC), and the fewer bullets to kill helps with lag comp.

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