Over using Blind Eye and Assassin

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So whats the problem with using blindeye,assassin, and dead silence ??? i only use dead silence in HCTD. The other 2 I use in some classes.

     You say you complain because it make the next COD better. But I dont understand your logic on why those perks are something wrong with the game ??? Just because you dont like it doesnt mean someone else doesnt. All your doing when you equip those perks it giving yourself stealth instead of CQ advantage.

     Why not complain about slight of hand ? or Sitrep ? Cuz im in the military and i can tell you reloading that fast is unrealistic. But people use it because its there. People like you need to go play barebones.

     Actually now that i think about it, people that complain bout combination perks and how they are used should really just play barebone. Problem solved......YAY

     But yall arnt will you ? Yall will just keep complaining, trying to ruin a game to make it revolve around you only. FREAKIN IDIOTS

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the same reason ppl complains about camping, theres nothing wrong with it, you're not breaking any rule or doing something wrong, its just annoying and about all those perks together thats overpowered, the same reason ppl complain about fmgs or striker. And also people that use those perks are mostly campers, affecting the game by making it slower and way more boring with less action. Oh... and i don't need to play barebones i good enough to do well in any game type.

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I use Blind Eye and Assassin in all classes. I always run specialists. So I either have it as my main perk, or theyre in my specialists options. I also have classes where I don't use them at all. Only difference is air support takes me out. The enemy still doesn't have a hard time spotting me and killing me.

I know this sounds weird, but I don't even look at the radar anymore and rarely pay attention to UAV's. Because a lot of people are using assassin. But it hasn't changed the way I played since I started playing Call of Duty. I don't think these perks hurt the game at all. I think it just affects the scared kid hiding with the portable radar.

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Complaining doesnt help future CODs because gamers will find another problem, or something different to complaing about in future call of duties. I have been playing Cod since the first and I love all of them. There has been complaining from different guns being overpowered to perks and everything in between. How do u know that the person camping with the portable radar is scared, he may be sitting there racking up 40 kills laughing. Everyone paid their own money for it, so they can play how they want with whatever perks they want. I dont mind how anyone plays because i will take advantage of it one way or another, you can always outsmart the opposing team, no matter what they are doing, if you play smart. A lot of gamers, also need to rememember to have fun too while gaming because if you complain too much you will miss out on the experience of the game. And everyone should always pay attention to the radar because you can know where your teammates are and plan your strategy even if everyone is using Blind eye.

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On most of my classes I use both. I think having to sacrifice two perks for NEARLY full stealth is a fair trade. All Assassin and Blind-Eye does is allow the player to focus on shooting the enemy and not having to worry about being seen by the 5 UAV floating above or being shot at by the never ending waves of Attack Helis. It does give the player any special abilities. It simply nulls the effect of Airsupport

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If you can't beat them, join them / switch classes. Blind eye, doesn't do much or anything against specialist streaks, switch to a specialist class when vsing people who only us it & assassin, is the best rushers / flankers perk in the game. All campers wait for dots on their multiple radars constantly. Use Assassin while running around, especially in a specialists combo.

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Assassin benefits all playstyles, and I've seen it used with evenly amongst all types of players

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blind isnt only so u could save ur self from the helis but actually help ur team bring em down r y r u using blind in the first place, and wat about those noob snipers who use blind eye and assasin on there sniping class makes no sense then they lay down all the way at the back and hard scope wtf is wrong wth thesee kind of ppl

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isn't that what sniping is??? c'mon man...not everyone in the world has talent to quickscope, I do, but I personally prefer to hard scope, I would rather go 10-0 with head shots than like 30-20 quickscoping

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i hear what your saying...it's frusterating when the WHOLE team does it...I have 10 classes, I use that set up on a specialist smg class and my sniping class...for obvious reasons

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