Over using Blind Eye and Assassin

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but blind is not only to save u from the air support ur supposed to use it to take the air support out with it and help ur team

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why would you need to help your team take out air support with it if the whole team is using blind eye duh.maybe they should take off the killstreaks they are cheap kills anyway and just use specialist might stop people camping for killstreaks then there would be no use for blind eye.

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Because you can't call in some killstreaks with enemy killstreaks in the air? The noise of them can drown out the sound of the enemy. You get XP for shooting them down. Why would you leave them up?

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If blind eye and assassin are being over used then every other perk are being over used, which would mean that its being used just as much as the other perks.

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I don't use assassin or blind eye except on my specialist when I don't have anything else unlocked. I want the enemy to know where I am. Plus I feel slow if I don't have soh and quickdraw.

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This always gets to be a bad situation towards the end of every CoD's cycle when the trash are trying their hardest to make themselves look better. I cannot really comment on Stalker I have it on 1 class I believe.

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