PC Mw3 multiplayer hackers ( what‘s the point? )

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PC Mw3 multiplayer hackers ( what‘s the point? )

I can‘t tell you how many times i have been trying to have just one day of fun whithout meeting a hacker online. What‘s the point of hacking to be honest? What‘s on a hacker‘s mind? It does not prove that you are a good player at all, in fact it just destroys the game. From all the cod titles i have seen mw2 was the worst i mean how many times they have updated the system and despite this people still hack. Those game developpers should try to do a good job or else find another job for the sake of people buying their products.

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Re: PC Mw3 multiplayer hackers ( what‘s the point?...

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Dear developers, when you view the level of cheaters? Play is simply impossible! I bought the game not for the fact that she was lying on my shelf, but for the fact that to play it, but because of the large number of cheaters is impossible. You either bante accounts for Steam games for a month or in a short time players stop buying your products licensed

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