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my name is cody. i play mw3 on ps3 and soon ill be playing black ops2. my problem and why i need your help is that my controller is almost dead! i have had the same controller for over three years and it is my only controller. i have a crack by the usb port where you plug in the controller. the seem on the whole right side of the controller is coming aprt to where it somethimes squeezes your skin when you hole it. my R1 button hardly works unless you press it really hard. my R2 has to spring to it and in order for me to still play i have to play on the Xbox controls where R2 is my button to shoot. if anyone has an extra controller or and old controller that they dont use anymore that is in better shape than mine and you would be willing to help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it. i literally have $64.27 left in the bank and i plan on buying black ops 2. it would mean the world to me if anyone can help me out so i can continue playing COD! if your willing to donate a controller or money or anything please either reply to this or email me at thanks again and PLEASE HELP!

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