(PS3) Anyone Looking to Start a Clan?

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I've been looking around for a clan, but haven't liked what I've seen so far. Anyone interested in starting a clan? Add me on PSN: iPinnacle or post in this thread.

Make sure you have a mic and a KD above 1.5.

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I actually would like to talk to you about a PS3 clan. Email me at MissVendetta@TacticalCarnage.com   or add me on Skype: Miss.Vendetta

Hope to hear from you soon!

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No thanks. I checked out your clan already and it's not what I'm looking for.

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What game modes do you play? Team VEX is looking for very good players mainly ones that are beasts in snd since we will playing snd on the team ladder for GB. We are a very competitive team though, and we have 5 members right now (we will not go above 10 players) There will be tryouts which consist of playing with us and seeing your play style and skill. I am warning you though, we have tried out somewhere aroud 10 people that thought they were good and we didnt pick em up..i am telling you this to show how picky we are and how high we hold our expectations so that you can see the skill of the teammates you will have. send me an fr at iNZTiNX-

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Sounds interesting, but I'm gonna pass. I'm looking for a solid clan that focuses on having a good time and doing well rather than just doing well. I've done GBs before though.

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might not be what your looking for but give mine a look  http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200411796

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Come run a few games with us, ACESover8s.  We're a bunch skeezers, skanks, scallywhops and we have one skig-scag..oh and a few marks and mark-a$$ tricks and trick-@$$ marks.  Ahh..we do like our fun!  Look us up on Elite Clan or send a message to me at PSN: Whisk3yEchoGolf

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Try 3volution 18+ clan who has a laugh while playing, its all about the banter rather than the game.

check out the forum www.3volution.forumotion.co.uk

I will warn you though we mostly play HC

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How about joining an already established and awesome clan?!

You would be very welcome to join the [13th]!

Read about us here: http://mw3f.com/forum/topic/5152-13th-clan-recruiting-x360-ps3-pc/

Official Site: http://13thmeu.net/

Official Site Backup: http://13thmeu.forumn.net/

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Try Awakened Legends our website awakenedlegendz.enjin.com

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