(PS3) Anyone Looking to Start a Clan?

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iam looking to start a clan add me sperolicious mess me tel me its you if you intersted my kd is 1.15 could be higher but i play a lot of infected im prestige 7th  going on higher let me know

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I got a clan apply if you are over first prestige and if you have premium these people will defiantly get in if you are not way I'm looking for you will be my second preference but there is a 50/50% chance you will get in. Send this to all your friends this is only on PS3 i don't have an X-BOX so yeah thanks bye   the clan is Trollollollol i have no 1 in the clan i would want u to be 1st in it i just make this clan to have fun its nothing serioise i have a mic pls check it out r u a member im olso 2nd prestige lvl 12 pls join

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Hey iPinnacle anyone else who may be looking at this. I see our looking to start a clan. Im here to offer you a high leadership postion in our clan. You'll have all abilites a leader would have. Please consider this option. Theirs much to know about us, contract me for more information or any questions. Amaze Gaming is in need of leaders. We have members joining rapidly! We're in need too of leaders. Amaze Gaming is currently recruiting. We're a Call of Duty community that turns away no one! No age limit is granted so please check our thread in the link below. We have so much to offer! If you have any questions email me, message, or talk to me on PS3.


PSN - Amaze_RaGe

Email: amaze_rage@yahoo.com



* Not interested? I understand, just say so and i'll delete this post.

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hey guy i am the team leader in the iCoNiCk clan...i have a 1.86 kdr but is actually an all time low for me...if you would like yo jion request me at iCoNiCk_Droid

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Whats up bud,

If you are looking for a clan you should come check us out. Our clan has been well established for over 4 years. We compete competitivily in GB's. Have had many trips to the playoffs. Visit wwlclan.com

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XxXCrew (PS3) is recruiting premium members only

We have 40 members currently mostly Canadian & USA (some in UK, Australia and Norway)

We are level 30

Building a solid crew to go to Black Ops 2 with

Visit our webpage: http://kimberlydawnsurette.wix.com/xxxcrew#!

Apply on our clan page  https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/2259276 or search XxXCrew

Our android app available to track events

We participate in all challenges and Ops you must participate regularly in these and show on leader boards or you will be removed

If you don’t play Clan Ops don’t apply

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Could anyone tell me how to start a clan?

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