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Hello, on 6/12/12, I will be starting a tournament, the first game will start at 7:00 Central American Time.  Each team will consist of 4 players, with a max of 16 teams.  You will need to have your team name consist of only four characters.  Make sure every player can make it.  It will be single elimination, and the bracket details are below.

Round 1) June 12th- Gametype: Domination-  All teams will play, and half will be sent to the losers bracket.

Losers Round 1) June 14th- Gametype: Sabotage-  All loser teams will play, half will be out of the tournament for good.

Losers Round 2) June 16th- Gametype: Kill Confirmed-  All 4 remaining loser teams will play, 2 teams will be out of the tournament for good.

Losers Championship) June 17th- Gametype: Team Deathmatch-  Winner of this will go back into the tournament.

Round 2) June 18th- Gametype: Drop Zone-  Winner of the loser bracket will not be in this round.  Instead, the team with the highest lead in points over another will be boosted up automatically to the championship.  Four teams will be out of tournament for good.

Round 3) June 19th- Gametype: Team Defender-  Winner of the loser bracket will be put in the brackets again.  Two teams will be eliminated.

Round 4) June 21st- Gametype: Undecided-  The two teams left (besides the team that has been boosted to the championship) will face off in a 3 game stand-off.  The team leaders will decide between eachother who will get to choose the game mode and the map.  If one team picks the game mode the first round, they will pick the map the second round, and vise versa.  If both teams tie 1-1 on the first two rounds, it will be a 3-round showdown in Hardhat on Search&Destroy.

Round 5) June 25th-  Gametype: Search&Destroy- 3 Games will decide the winner, with the third game being a Riot Shield and Throwing Knife face-off on Dome.

To join, please send a reply like so:

Team Name (Must be appropriate):

Players (PSN I.D.'s):       1)




Reserve Player (PSN I.D.):     1)

Team Captain (Must be one of the original 4 players):     1)


1) All players (including your reserve player) must have all of the MW3 DLC up to date.

2) No harrasing of anykind.

3) You and your team must wear your team name in your clan tag when in tournament gameplay for veiwing purposes.

4) No hacking, glitching, cheating, or modding of any sort.

5) Have fun!

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