PS3 MW3 problem to find game

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Hi. I also am experiencing the same issue. I can't find any games in public !!

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i got hacked and deranked, then ranked up.


i have a 1 Gbit wireline connection, fiber.

i can‘t find any Games


tdm, free for all etc.


what is going on?

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Wireless console WPA2-PSK (AES)

Username - skatoulakis21

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Hello, I'm still experiencing the problem. In fact it has never been solved. Mind you, I've never written to activision rep before now.

My operating platform is PC. IP address is; ISP: TPG Internet Pty Ltd; Nat Type setting is always open. My gamer tag on Steam is :

Roo Pellets  with e-mail address:   The problem first occured around around the same time all those other posts were made. I was waiting for something to be done about it without me having to write to someone. Never happened. Never does. That's how Activision rolls. Anyway, if you could have a look at it I'd really appeciate it. Don't see the point in purchasing any other Activision games if down the track the maintenance is this poor.


Thank you.


Yours sincerely

Anton S.

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Is this problem still fixable? . It keeps saying no games found, rarely finds a TDM match. 

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Its just broken, it randomly works when it feels like working. I don't think there is an official fix to make it work. The servers and the security on them are just outdated.

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My tag Emerson_ipsc2. I can't find lobbies in mw3. 

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Same Issue here, just got back into playing mw3 for fun and just barely a week into getting into it i have this issue, makes it unplayable for short bouts. I hope they resolve this!

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Started happening to me a little over a week ago. This is not a problem on our part.
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