PS3 MW3 problem to find game

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Selling GTAV, MW3 and BO2 mods

MW3- lvl 80- 5$, unlock all- 5$, prestiges 1-21 you choose- 5$, mod menu for 5 games- 5$ and for 10 games- 10$


GTAV- money drop- 5$


I can make a modded account with MW3- unlock all, lvl 80, prestige of your choice, GTAV- modded outfits, lvl of your choice, 1 trillion dollars, all (cars, properties etc.), BO2- max prestige, unlock all, lvl 55

Price depends on what games and what stuff do you need
Modded account with MW3, GTAV and BO2 mods = 20$
Modded account with GTAV mods = 10$
Modded account with MW3 mods = 10$
Modded account with BO2 mods = 10$


If you want to buy a mod menu I CANT GIVE YOU LIFE TIME MOD MENU, 5 games with a mod menu online 5$, 10 games 10$. 15 games 15$, 20 games 20$...


Add me on instagram @DeadFamousModz if you want to purchase



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This game is for all and not just for you Dead.
So this is one of the bad people and if you pay him so next day he can derank you, think about it.
Then don’t come here and say auu can’t find lobby or somthing.
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Lol, I don't think we'll be getting any help soon now. It's been a year, jesus christ the mods and their responses are *****ing useless. Bull***** copy and paste responses.
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Hello, I'm from Germany and here are of course the same problems ... It's absolutely annoying.

MW3 is by far the best COD for me personally and I'm very sad about how we want it ...


Sad regards from Germany Smiley Sad

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in reply to CuRiOuS*
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Only bad people can’t find friends.
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I hope that something will happen regarding this since the release of MW3 Remastered is coming soon


Even if all hope is lost I'm willing to buy the remastered version of this game since I didn't purchase any DLC's for the PS3 version Smiley Very Happy

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