Player in lastnights clan op

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Player in lastnights clan op

     was playing in lastnights clan op with my clan and in the last few games we had a random member join our team and all he did for a few games was run around the map and destroy my teams claymores bouncing bettys tac insertions etc etc  henever got any kills. and all he did once he took out our equipment was for example if we were positioned on a ledge or behind a vehicle he would come and block us in completley so that we could not move until we were killed by opp team, clearly he was working alongside the opposite team to help get there points n kills up. I want something done about this please as this clearly effected our clans stats and performance

i can provide the users ps name once i know something is going to get done about this person.

thank you for your time and hope u can resolve this issue

as it is people like him that is making call of duty a bad game to play and i for one dont want that.


ps ive contacted bancandy and banstache on twitter but as usual i never get a response from them.

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