Premium founder Need a good clan PS3

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Hello my name is shabib

PSN ID ShabibCODkiller

i would like to join

i am founder premium

prestige 15

k/d 1.42

i need a good high lvl clan

ill wait for invites so just send without asking if i like i will join ( send invites to ShabibCODkiller)

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My clan Name is F!RE.... we guys are on level 21 and progressing in every clan op... Im its leader.. We hav approx 85 clan members... if u want to join our clan then find "Indian F!RE" in clan search in elite and leave a any comment and joining invitation will b sent ASAP... U will b given part in clan matches in tournaments if u get good connection bars...

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hey bro i am veeresh i wanna join ur clan my psn id is sam91006 . plz send me the details . i am really in a damn situation i just wanna join asap .

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I've sent you message on PSN telling you how to join Shadow Company.

We have over 200 members in our PS3 MW3 divison and we have 3 elite clans.

Shadow Company 1- Level 31

Shadow Company 2- Level 33

Shadow Company 3- Level 22

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