Pretty disappointed with COD ELITE so far :(

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Sooo glad I did not buy it! It's super slow when it even works and whats up with having to leave the game to access it? Elite=Stupid... Least the game is sick.

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it kind of pisses me off when people say "just wait, give it time, who cares". we paid money for this, their wasnt a waiting period in them collecting my money. in any other area of business if the seller promises a due date and fails on it, some sort of compensation is owed. i paid for it now so i want it now, not a week from now, or when ever they get around to it. people shouldnt just roll over and take it and say crap like, "this happens every release". this happens every release because we the consumer obviously allow it to happen. they want all their money from evey one first, then once everyone is counted, they will get the bare minimum to accomidate those. simply, its BS!

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They have no excuse for unexpected demand.

Was the BETA not meant to iron out any errors with the elite section.

Very dissapointed!

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this is turning into a HUGE clusterF rather quickly....the longer it takes, the more people will turn their back on it and the game all together.

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hell ya it sux

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100% agree with OP. Its lack of real integration into the game makes it useless. The constant server issues are a shameful lack of proffesionalism and the pathetic lack of communication is an insult. They knew from preorders a rough minimum take up. They are looking here at the revenue for nearly 20 million games sold. Thats nearly £800,000,000 in sales (Actual retail, not company profit) The profit from Elite is going to be less in total but with no physical product, a greater profit margin. It disgusts me that with figures like these we are told to wait, put up with intermittant services and just sit back and take it. Something that could have been brilliant has fallen on its face due to nothing more than greed and disrespect for customers.

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Its so awful.

You would think with a service such as elite that there would be extensive stat tracking.  I should be able to do things like see my score per minute in a specfic gamemode per gun im using if I want. 

I should be able to sort leaderboards by spm or other objective totals.

Right now elite from a statistic point of view is worthless.  Even more so when you take into account the awful start and server issues.

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