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Does anyone else think that there should be a Quickscoping playlist for snipers only?

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HELL NO. I've played sniper only lobbies (private matches) before and they are no fun. + you will always get people who don't usually snipe sit at the back of the map plucking us off with there campy hardscope ways...

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if there was a quickscoping playlist would you play in it?

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Im absolutely wishing for a sniper only playlist, but there is no way they are gonna make it, and i dont know how they would implement a qs only mode, and exactly how they would force people to quickscope. Seems a little hard, but if it was a way to make it it would be nice.

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Simply make the scope automatically go out of ads after say 0.5 seconds zoomed in? I think a Qsing playlist would be a good idea. Less qsers in objective game modes and qsers get to do their own thing constantly without hate.

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Could they kind of do what they did in black ops with express. It was no ghost and if you did have ghost on a class it would simply become an invalid perk and waste of a perk slot.

As for the actual quickscoping issue. I think for the most part a general sniper lobby would be okay. Assasin could be banned aswell so players can't sit in a corner aimed down a sight for the match?

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This would be a good idea, maybe then I could play drop zone without some d*** quickscoping and getting cheap kills not playing the objective.

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it wouldnt have to be quickscoping, it would be only snipers and let people make their own class for that playlist, it probally would stop quickscopers from using playlists that normal players play everyday.

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Agree totally. It makes for a perfect balance between people hating quickscoping and they'd be happy because they'd have their own playlist. Although I wonder how long the quickscopers will actually like playing against only other quickscopers. At least then they'd have a taste of their own medicine.

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The only Playlist they need to make is for Split Screeners.

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