Quickscoping - easier/harder? Thoughts?

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In my opinion the skill/technique itself has become easier (maybe even easier than in MW2), however the maps made it a lot harder.

But since you'll learn the maps/spawns in time, I think overall quickscoping will become easier than in previous CoD games

Yet, some sniping maps would still be nice

What are your experiences with quickscoping? Or what are your thoughts of quickscoping in general?

Let me know

If you have the time, please check out my montage, which (among other things) contains quickscoping

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Thank you for warning me that your montage contains shitscopeing, and yes, MW3 QS is way to easy. A long range weapon that peforms better then a shotgun in CQC, what a joke.

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Its the easiest in every cod.

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i dont care if it is easier in mw3 than it was in mw2 its cheap and should be drove out of the game

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My feelings for MW3 quickscoping are as follows. If you are using Quickdraw with a sniper rifle then you are a p*ssy and you arent really showcasing any true skill. I dont believe it is an exploit, I just think its like pressing the easy button if you're trying to be a quickscoper. On the other hand if you are quickscoping without the use of that particular perk then I have much more respect for you. It takes much faster reflexes to do it successfully without the aid of Quickdraw.

So if you use Quickdraw with your sniper then you're  a wuss and your montages dont mean sh*t! But if you're half the man I am and can actually quickscope without the aid of certain perks then welcome to the club of elite snipers!

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It really all comes down to speed & connection in this game. I find the current qs speed with quickdraw & sa pro a piss take as you don't even need to time it (thus a timer is needed, the current one on blops works fine), however without quickdraw the rifles are too slow to snipe quickly with against any form of actual competition, especially when using them on the run. The extra speed is needed as is stealth (assassin).

Why handicap yourself further when autos already zoom in faster and are on par without quickdraw? While still being easier to aim with...

The devs are the ones who made all the guns take little to no skill to use.

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my son says when he is playing shit, he starts qs. he says it is very easy to do in mw3.

his words not mine.

i dont do it

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shitscoping is for scrubs exploiting a broken system.  nuff said

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I only refer to it as Newbscoping.

Newbscoping is as easy as it always has been and is as newby as it always has been. Newbscoping is just a way to exploit the aim-assist to get almost guaranteed one-shot kills. The same 'trick' can be done with shotguns. Nothing tactical, skillful or realistic about it.

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The same sticky aim that makes the autos even easier to use? You're out of your mind if you think it's easier to aim a sniper in this game than these near recoilless autos. Both are easy, one just takes more "skill" than the other & for that you get a potential ohk. There is a reason most people are rocking an auto.

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