Quickscoping - easier/harder? Thoughts?

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Newbscoping is not aiming, thats my point, its just a way of exploiting the aim-assist. Theres also no skill to it, my other point.

And I use primarily the MK14 by the way, before anyone asks.

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Well it is, there is a reason you can hit and miss with rifles constantly.

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I agree qs is lame but these games make the more realistic sniping(hardscoping) virtually a bust...hardly any actual straightaway views and everyone halo jumping and moving so fast pretty much makes qs the only real way to use a sniper(like a shotgun)...i hate it but I gotta go with the flow...just wish it never existed...but it seems a necessity these days or get smoked

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Quickscoping is way to easy now. Quickdraw is a perk used for people that THINK theyre good at QS, if i use my sniper class I enjoy the stisfaction of not using that perk - SOH, Assassin and Stalker all pro -

I also hardscope because I enjoy watching some guy running along down my site thinking their safe, then ...........

BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One Shot, One Kill !!! hahahahahahahahaha

Sure I QS from time to time but thats only a SND thing for me now - Personally.

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They should add the current timer of black ops on snipers which means people need to scope quickly rather than only "qs" If people choose to qs, they would need to time a lot better than what is now the case. It needs little to no now. Makes the rilfes to good cqb in the right hands. With how the shotguns work this is taking the piss.

Add the current initial sway of black ops, seems fair as autos now all get normal sway too, snipers can set still.

Add more open maps, with actual long sight. They would need to add more recoil on autos, while removing kick on the scar & especially acr. Autos are already too easy to use.

No, class in this game takes much aiming ability atm. It's a complete noob fest. Who camps harder with these laser guns usually wins. Boring.

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Laser Gun = Ray Gun ??? lol

My point being i dont camp to be a noob, i follow my team and place myself at a distance that is suitable (eg. Has a great vantage/tactical point of play as well as a quick escape route), provide overwatch and do my duty as a sniper to protect them by any means necceasry.

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I just tried it the first time in MW3 (never did it in MW2 either) with the first bolt-action L...something and it is indeed unbelievably easy. It's like the hitboxes for sniper rifles are huge and aim assist guarantees you get the shot. You don't even have to zoom all the way in. Terrible. Way too easy to get 1-shot-kills too. And with quickdraw aiming is way too fast. No-scoping is also too accurate. Overall extremely overpowered. Need to be severely nerfed to be balanced.

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I waited with my own opinion, wanted to see yours first.

And I think it's quite shocking how many people actually believe quickscoping is easier than using an AR/SMG.

I agree they made it a bit too easy, everyone can learn it nowadays.

In Black Ops it was a challenge and it felt awesome when I got Attack Dogs or something with quickscoping. But in MW3 Quickdraw makes the zooming time too short, if they would just make the scope time the same as in CoD4 (which is a bit faster than it is right now) and then get rid of Quickdraw, it would be much better imo.

However I think people still overestimate quickscoping.

You'll never be able to get scores as good as you would get with an AR.

I never get a MOAB with quickscoping, while I do with an AR (and I only play aggressively, I almost never stay in one spot). My average K/D is much higher with an AR than with a sniper.

So that's how I think about it. It's easy, but still underpowered compared to AR's/SMG's (which it should be! would probably be better if it was even a bit more underpowered)

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