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Ranks in MW3

I know COD is not a real live military simulation but am I the only one who thinks that it's getting a little overboard with the ranks? MW had 50 Ranks,  WaW had 65, MW2 had 70, Blops had 75 and now it's 80. US Army manages to manage with 29 Ranks and that's including the President

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Re: Ranks in MW3

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BO only had 50 rank and if it was only to 29 then you would get to you last prestige in a couple of hours.

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Re: Ranks in MW3

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If you can go from 29 -50 in a couple of hours.  Then Holy sh1t!

By a couple of hours you mean like 4 right?  

Do you mean inflame hours or realize hours!

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Re: Ranks in MW3

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black ops had 50 ranks and mw3 has 80 ranks because they don't want you to feel that upward slope that the first 10 ranks are fast then the next feel like its taking forever.

what they want to do is make you feel like your earning something every time and not waiting the long gap to the next level this why they added gun ranks too.

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Re: Ranks in MW3

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What he said - Lack Ops had 50 ranks BUT had 15 Prestige. Which is rediculous in its own right. However, it gives you a reason to play the game.

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Re: Ranks in MW3

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i didnt even seen the need to prestige thou in that game because all it offered you after prestiging all those times was different colored camos.

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