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A little before I joined the 55's which was nearly 4 years ago, they used to operate a thing called The 55's League.

It was one of the first large scale clan vs clan league set-up in the early days of Cod 4.

It consisted of many of the well known original clans from back in the old days of the Infinity Ward Forum era. Some if these included Americas Most Wanted (AMW) and the Canadians (CDN).

we are currently trying to resurrect The 55's League in mw3 and would very much like your clan to be part of it. We are co arranging this alongside Old & Rubbish (O&R) clan. We also in talks with some other clans we have ties with.

Details still need to confirmed but we will basically have two leagues running - 1 R1 which is America and Canada

- 2 R2 which is the UK and the rest of Europe

Games will be played in the fashion of our upcoming friendly. R1 winner wouldthen eventually play the R2 winners

So how about Hope.

Fancy making history and helping us revive The 55's League?

Check out our thread>

you can sign your clan or team up here

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