Remove quickdraw pro from the infected

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Some out there think the throwing knife should be removed from infected. I kinda agree, but then how would you get people on spots like the dome catwalk? On the other hand, I'm finding the throwing knife in infected right now straight up frustrating, seeing a bunch of infected running at you the one of them throws a knife and kills you before your gun even has time to kill them. So right now I think that best way to fix this would be to remove quickdraw pro from the infected. There is no reason why quickdraw pro should be given to the infected. The throwing knife should only be good for getting people in those camp spots, not as the main weapon for the infected. Also they should take out the ability to pick up throwing knives, so them can't sit back and just spam throwing knives at the survivors. Your thoughts?

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I disagree. You have a gun. If you get killed by a throwing knife in a 1v1 situation, either the guy throwing the knife is good with it or he got lucky. Either way, you have a gun and 9/10 should be able to shoot them before they get their knife out.

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Agreed ΔΔ

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