Return of Spec Ops Missions

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dastealth wrote:

I think it would be great to have the missions back or even new ones. Both would be sweet. I think people would pay extra money for a Special Edition disk that contained those.

True or they could probably include one or two in one of the multiplayer map pack dlcs that will surely come out. More people would be inclined to purchase the pack that is more than just expansions on the multiplayer, that's for sure

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I like the Stealthy missions.. I want more of those

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I think being able to unlock missions along with survival is gonna be fun, cause if you somehow actually get sick of survival for a bit you got something right there to do

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Are they actually going to have regular missions or just the stupid survival zombie ripoff mode?

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this is something i will like to know too, cause the ones from MW2 were great, i dont want to lose a mission driven gameplay in favor of an horde mode, i want both

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Both forms of spec-ops will be in MW3 as solo or 2 player co-op. Also, zombie was a rip-off of Gears horde, so.... just saying.

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Great!, thanks for the info i was worried, that mode was great to play with my best friend, my bro and even my girlfriend

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lol have you even read how zombies was created... It came from the idea of tower defense

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There's gonna be both & it's not a's an original idea

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defend a crash site untill another helicopter comes in to pick you up

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