Seeking a Clan? Join Demon-Gaming(Double Xp,Gold Clan Tag, Clan Title,& more)

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Seeking a Clan? Join Demon-Gaming(Double Xp,Gold C...

Hey Gamers,

We are searching for players that would like to join our clan and work towards more Clan Operations. As a clan, we work hard & have fun. Below is our Clan Information, Clan Requirements, and a few basic questions.

Clan Information:

Clan Name: War Demons
Clan Members: 31 (12 Premium)
Clan Kill/Death Ratio: 1.53
Clan Title: Demon-Gaming
Clan Tag: WarD
Clan Website:
Clan Practices (for anyone who wants to improve their gameplay.)
Youtube Channel: looking for someone that is good at making videos)

Clan Requirements:
1. No Racism
2. Have a Premium Subscription/Founder Status (You can still join if you do not have it, but highly likely)
3. Be Active & Participate in Clan Operations
4. Have a KD of 1.10 or higher

Clan Questions
1:What Time Zone do you live in? (Example; Pacific Time)
2: What is your Kill/Death Ratio & Win/Loss Ratio?
3. What do you believe your role is in Cod? (Example; Run n Gun, Sniper, Rush)
4: What do you believe you can contribute to the clan?

5: Do you have Premium?
6: Do you have a mic?

If you are interested in joining us, you can do 3 things:
1: Reply to this thread( With Clan Questions)

2: Add Canadian-Pride27 on PS3 and submit your Clan Questions to him.

3: Post in our clan feed on ELITE saying your interested( With Clan Questions).

Thank you for your time & we hope to here from you. Have a great day!

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Re: Seeking a Clan? Join Demon-Gaming(Double Xp,Go...

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We are still looking for members and we are currently level 18 now. Message us if interested.

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