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I was thinking FFA because people tend to camp with claymores.  Or any game mode where ppl throw down a lot of throphy systems.  Grab emp grendades and have at it.

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Oh yeah! Thats a good idea!
Drop zone, people use trophy systems and tac inserts pretty often. EMP grenade is perfect. Thanks

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You can definitely kill your own trophy system, I do it all the time playing DZ cause I usually end up shooting it while trying to kill people rushing me.

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yeah but it doesnt count toard sitrep pro anymore

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As someone said in hardcore destroy your own kit, pack trophy etc etc and do it that way. Really though just play objective based game modes and make sure you pack emp nade to dispatch of things easily and fast. Demolition etc etc.

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OK my 2p worth,

Let me know if it helps, Its what I do for mine.

This is to soley grind out sitrep PRO,

You have to use a gun with IMPACT to start with so assalt rifle and LMGs are the guns of choice, Impact helping to shoot through the walls = easier to destroy enemy equipment etc etc.

Secondary: you want to use a grenade launcher, thus just to spam in to rooms that you see the big red beacons in, lol. Its not perfect but WILL pick you up some equipment kills, more than a pistol.

I would say using a care pakage, pred and air strike, again the pred and airstrike are easy to obtain and can spam the ground to pick up more enemy equipment kills, and the care package is again for the preds and airstrikes you may receive from them, It all goes towards the same aim.

Please note this is Soley for getting SITREP-PRO its what I do to make it easier, and It seems to work for me.

Let me know if it helped.

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Hardcore Domination. Use a gun with impact.

I'm currently working towards the 300 sitrep destroys as it's the last emblem I don't have out of the perks. Usually you'll find a lot of trophy systems and claymores.

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impact, gotcha. thanks.

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thanks man, I'll definitly try those ideas out

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Real issue is when are they going to fix it so that you can hear Dead Silence (that was their original intention) so that it's actually worthwhile to grind it out.

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