// SkEr Interactive Gaming // Recruitment [ Open ]

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// SkEr Interactive Gaming // Recruitment [ Open ]

SkEr Interactive Gaming is searching for active members for our community in Call Of Duty Games.

Main Head is Going For Top Clan List In Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 With maybe YOU!

Who are we?

we are a up-coming raising clan for call of duty games, we already support modern warfare 2 & 3, black ops 1 and soon 2 (when released) All games have their own division and thei own top teams.

Inside those division and top teams we have 1 big Squad for Clan Fights, you can rank yourself in that squad to be competive at Events and ingame play (leaderboard). Those divisions split up the players in levels of playing, Easy Medium Hard. The top teams will be monthly refreshed.

Sker Interactive needs you!

What do we provide you?

- Active clan community

- Friendly members and helpfull staff

- Never have to play alone in multiplayer/zombies

- Monthly news, video's and community pictures

- Monthly Events inside the community

How to join up?

Visit The Official Call of Duty Elite Clan Page and Apply Today!


Application Forum:

(Copy And Fill this in at Application on Elite clan site. which is the link up here)

Playstation 3 Name/ Xbox 360 Name: [your answer]

The Class you most play: [ Support/Rush/Camping/Attacking ]

What is your Timezone: http://whatismytimezone.com/ <- Click and find out [your answer]

We Hope To See/speak to you soon!

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