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Small Glitches

I don't want this to be a stupid thread about all those annoying glitches that already have been patched but more like having a spot to post small glitches that you find in game so that IW/Sledhammer can be notified of them.

I found a minor glitch with the Predator Missile & Carepackage. I have not yet recorded it as it happened last week and a few weeks before that also.

What happened is I earned my Care Package and continued on got another kill which earned my Predator Missile. I went to pull it out straight away and instead of a pred I got a care package marker which I threw out. So I went to pull out my next killstreak which should have been a pred but it was another care package. I'm not 100% sure how this glitch happens, whether due to a lag or other things but I think someone should know about it. Has anyone else got something strange like that?

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