Snipers are overpowered!! Yes or no?

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Ok I heard that snipers are overpowered, well that guy is stupid they are not over powered they are snipers they were built to kill in one shot or at least 2 shots, I mean they are bolt action and if they aren't then they are very close to being a 50,cal sniper or a 50,cal sniper,  please give me your thoughts and be sure to friend me and to reply to me, thank you guys,

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The 50 cal is the best, and it gets a hitmarker half the time. So yeah, no.

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Thank you for agreeing.

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Depends if your Q S than yes you are over powered.

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Sniper rifles aren't overpowered, I mean they should kill in one shot.  But they shouldn't be being used as a shotgun.  I know the game isn't based on reality, but at least some aspects they could tone down from the video game jumping like you're an NBA Jams player or shooting a sniper rifle while standing & running(QS) without any recoil.  I can get the player maybe making the shot, but it'd be funny as hell to see someone QS in the game and fall flat on their ass after the shot or being hampered with a limp shoulder.

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