So.. Still Unfinished?

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So, just touching base, I just saw another thread saying how the games been out for 6 months, and I decided to make my own thread because I feel there's a lot of things that have been going on that's unfair to us.. 

Spawns - FFA is the worst and almost unplayable.. tired of getting shot in the back right when I spawn. 

Lag Compensation - ...enough said

^  Credit to whoever made the other thread for those

And some of my own..

ELITE - I feel as if though half the "features" we were promised don't even work, or are mediocre.

Hidden Emblems - I'm sure a lot of you know about these, but if not, take a look here-  There are 17 different emblems that are said to be "released via CoD: Elite"...well with half of the game's lifespan already over, I for one have not heard any news about HOW these are to be unlocked, or a Timespan when these'll be unlocked.  PLEASE give me some info if anyone has it (Dying for that rainbow frog )

Clan Challenges - Again.. Nothing??

Anyway, that was my mini rant/discussion.  I just wanted to hear some other people's opinions on whether or not they've known about some of this stuff.. And to see if anyone knew anything about these emblems.  Thanks guys, keep it flame free.

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Hidden emblems, smooth online play, fix for spawns & an Elite that really works coming this November with the release of Black Ops II....or maybe next year with MW4...or with Black Ops III....or MW5....just keep giving Activision your money and they might deliver...someday....maybe.

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Haha, right!  I mean don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the game throughout all the bullshit, or maybe as a CoD follower it's just something i've grown used to doing, adapting to the BS..

but either way.. with releasing elite 4 months before MW3 where it'd be fully utilitzed, you'd of think they would've made SOME progress within the past year lol

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The only thing I wish they would do is, since the product (Elite) is not up to what I was told or understood them to be when I bought it,  is to not make me pay for a second year with black ops.  Since it doesnt work,  contiune my subscription for a year from the point that it works they way I was told it was going to.  This wont ever be done due to all the fine print your supposed to read when you sign up.  Oh well, guess its another lesson learned.

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do you think that is why they gave out a free month so you get a free month with bo2 , and with any luck it may have improved therefor tempting you to buy again .

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I agree, that's a great idea.  I feel as though anyone who bought Elite during MW3's life-span should get a free 3 months or something for the release of BO2.   It's basically false advertisement..  It's not right.

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