So decided to stop prestiging . . .

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i am older

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im old'ish . . . 

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Yeah, I just got to 11th, just because I like the emblem the most, and decided this is where i'll stop..  I did the same in MW3, got to 10th, and stopped and was bored but they did a good thing by adding gold camo's back - Now my goal is to get all titles/emblems/gold guns

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I just started 5th prestige last night and I will probably just keep prestiging until the next game comes out. Then I will probably just put this game on the shelf to collect dust like I did with MW2. I was a bigger fan of BO for some reason and went all the way to 15th. To me it seems like 80 levels is A LOT...even though I am already kit level 15 in like an hour. I know it takes just as much time to go through a prestige as in every other COD, If not faster in this one due to specialist and the kill confirmed game mode. (Mad XP, especially on double XP weekends)

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overall i am 33rd prestige. went through the first ten, reset, went through the next 15, reset now at 8. Once i hit 20 (45 overall) i'm done. That way i'll be max level in case hell freezes over and i wanna play this game once in a while after blops 2 release.

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