So decided to stop prestiging . . .

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Hahahahaha! this is EXACTLY what went through my head to! It was the last emblem i liked plus wanted gold guns!

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Prestiging is really only for players who don't enjoy the game when they've reached maximum level. (Basically want to go through the multiplayer ranks 20 times (per 80 ranks) for MW3.

I've only prestiged 3 times just to use the prestige tokens on the remaining custom classes & since gold camo is available from any prestige, I didn't need to prestige further.

You can still enjoy MW3 without prestiging by ranking up different weapons, unlock titles/emblems etc & getting all your pro perks.

If you rank up all the shotguns to damage, you never want to prestige ever again.

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iv never ranked up a shotgun far enough to get 'damage' . . . . . sheltered life using smg/ar classes all the time!

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I also stopped prestiging recently (maybe a month ago).  I've been working on ranking up a bunch of guns, and also getting as many challenges completed as I can.  I think I will only go for gold camo on a small number of guns though.  When I get the autumn camo I consider a gun to be fully ranked up.

When I first saw the PKP Pecheneg I didn't bother actually reading it, just glanced and in my mind I said "PKP Pecheng".  I just got 1000 kills with the PKP, and the emblem that comes with 1000 kills says, "PKP Pecheng".  So that's the emblem I'm using from now on.

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I am currently 9th lvl78 and trying to decided whether I will prestige again.  If I do it will only be to 10th.  I mean the emblem is that same for all prestiges above that, other than they have numbers above them. 

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I stopped at 10th... I never prestiged before in any CoD so I decided I'd try make it to 10th and now that that's done I'm all about getting gold guns and completing challenges. 

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I am going to 20th. Currently @14. I have gone to max prestige in every COD game...Well except black ops, I chose to take a year break from COD and only went to 5th in that one. But i have plans to hit 15 in that one before november as well.

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The world needs virtual ditch diggers....well, not really.

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ha wasnt sure anyone around here had actually seen caddyshack

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Im old.

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