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as to why all of the hardcore modes are richochet only?seriously i would love to know whos great idea it was to reward the moron who ran infront of my stream of bullets with me getting shot rather than him? Before on just HCTDM i would avoid team mates as rule of thumb so they would stop getting me shot by standing in plain view next to me, now im just wishing all togather i didnt have teammates to play with they are doing me way more harm than good.  Im looking for a 100% serious answer every COD since MW1 has had something retarded like this that just ruins the game enough to make me not want to play.   Also this is now a "why are the people on my team so terrible" thread

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It's to make you play smarter instead of just spraying and praying. It's also to keep people from abusing being able to teamkill by killing someone for their care packages and stuff like that.

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I once team killed somebody on HCTDM in Blops. Took their care package that had dogs in it. Made me laugh so hard.

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I actually prefer ricochet because in the past you would have some dumb a$$ people on your team that would purposely kill there entire team just because they thought it was funny! I understand your frustration on people running in front of you resulting in your death lol but its much better with ricochet.

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i kind of see where you are coming from but i have to dissagree in MW2 all i had to put up with was 1 in 4 rounds a TKer would RPG the ground at the begining and that was about it now in MW3 1 in 1 rounds at least 2 of my grenades land near a teammate or one of them run in front of me a few times right at that critical moment of locking eyes with an enemy at the same time i guess i just have more ruhtarded teammates than you had TKers

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It was to stop the problem of team killing and it helps good players to become better. Sorry that you can not spray and pray across map without knowing your surroundings.

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i didnt know that once you get skill your bullets become magical and go through the moron who just ran in front of your third shot you just fired at the enemy. Ill keep that in mind next time you are so helpfull

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The reason was to cut down on team killing for stupid reasons like stealing care packages. Or random nade tosses at flags or objectives to get cheap multikills even if a teammate was there trying to defend.

It is better this way, you just have to be more aware of where you teammates are and not randomly toss nades or spray-n-pray now. You have to play with a greater awareness of who and what is around you.

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ill take the random nade thing alot of the time my nades are just window tosses as i walk by but id like to know who is spray and praying? im not, what im talking about isnt dduuuurrrr heavy mg spray through wall! its in the middle of that crucial burst of fire directed at the enemy. there is no amount of situational awareness that stops stupid people who randomly runs into the middle of a kill sector without looking.

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Ricochet is annoying, but not as annoying as the constant TKing was when the game first came out. I personally think BlOps got it right with HC. 3 TKs and you were kicked. (The only flaw in that system was if the offender was the host, something I hope they fix in the sequel)

To me, the idea of HC is to have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. My issue with Ricochet is that it rewards those who aren't aware of their surroundings, and there aren't repercussions for those who abuse the system. For example, there are people out there who will run in front of bullets on purpose just to troll their teammates, and they suffer no ill effects. I remember playing on Village with a group of randoms. I had a high killstreak going (not a common thing for the way I play). I had an airstrike, checked the map and saw my entire team on the Cave side of the map. I repeated 3 times that I was dropping the strike over the Village and to please not go into area before placing it. As soon as the targeting computer went away, I watched a teammate run directly into the barrage. I died, of course, but he was able to keep charging ahead like a rampaging Rhino.

My other issue is the fact that there is no way around teammates who abuse the system by destroying teammates' equipment or blocking them in corners.  There is no way of doling out any punishment or justice for those who are out to make other people's gaming experience miserable.

I liked Black Ops system. 3 kills, to me, was a fair amount. I wasn't much of a team killer, but there were times when I threw a grenade into the wrong room (or just got a bad bounce or stick), misfired or shot too eagerly and hit a teammate, dropped an airstrike on an area where teammates are suddenly spawned, or just plain accidentally hit someone. I would just go on in those games being more careful about how I played.

Hardcore is meant to keep you on your toes and communicating with teammates. When FF is on, it Forces you to be more aware. You have to watch your fire, as well as that of teammates. You can't run blindly into gun fights, or randomly drop Air Strikes anywhere you want.  As it is right now, they have made HC more like Core than ever.

I think it was meant by IW as a solution to the TKing complaints (there was no limit when the game came out, people could TK their stupid little brains out), but like so many things on this game it wasnt thought through all the way. It was a knee-jerk reaction rather than a rational one. While I still contend its better than it was when the game was released, they could have taken a page out of Treyarch's book on this particular issue.

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