Social eXemption (Elite level 5, UK)

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We are Social eXemption, we stand out from the rest.

Social eXemption (eXe) is looking for players who are active, enjoys playing, compete in clan operations but we also have another side, we have the MLG (Major league gaming) side, not all of eXe members are MLG players some are just to play and help out and rank, things we are looking for are;

  • Active
  • Join in Clan Ops
  • Elite Prem/founder (Not needed but helps)
  • Enjoys playing
  • Has a mic
  • Friendly and can take a loss

I know some clans look for K/D ratio, I'm not botherd what your K/D ratio is because if you play with eXe we help you bring it up. Game modes eXe normally play is Kill Confirmed, Search and Destory sometimes others the main one is Kill Confirmed when we are not doing Clan Operation that is.

I say in title that eXe is a UK clan, but we are happy to take anyone in the clan who is outside of the UK aslong as you can speak English. If you would like to join message me or send me a friend request on PSN.

PSN; Benji090



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