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Is it me or is going solo so much harder. People seem a lot thicker I mean there are enemies painted with recon and no one attacks them?
What once appeared to be an entire team behind me gets killed and a guy shoots me in the back! Could be bad spawns though, cos I mean come on:

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Nah, I like playing solo more than playing with a full party, for several reasons. The first is connections. I feel like I have a better connection to the game more often than not when playin solo, much more so than when partied up. Secondly, generally my team mates will not be very good, so more people for me to kill. Third, I can play how I want. If Im partied up, we generally try to have some semblance of team work, whereas if Im playing solo, Im playing solo aka playing for myself and myself only. Ive given up on trying to lead a group of randoms to a win. Solo is for score, playing with a team is for wins.

To your spawns mention, they seem to have tweaked them...Played as a team last night, and we generally try to play half the map so the enemy doesnt spawn behind us. yet multiple occasions the enemy spawned behind us. Also have had many times playing solo where enemies will either spawn right in front of me for an easy kill as I run by, or will spawn right behind me as I run by for an easy kill for them.

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