Soloist#3 and offering youtube updates tied to one site

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This series is all about going against teams or groups  of friends and owning while playing solo.

Have you ever been in a situation where your waiting for an important email but then its just a youtube mail, or just lazy to even search all your favorite commentators? Well check out I keep it updated and take requests only thing you have to do is hook me up with a sub and some likes and i'll keep your requests updated. Youtube searching can fail as well it helps to keeping the community tied to a place they can depend on. For requests you can contact me here or on my site just comment on any random video on the site just have your email handy. My ex left me to live with another dude so need to keep myself busy haha so the update service will help hopefully thanks guys. FYI Never loose contact with your friends for a girl always save some for yourself just in case, I learned the hard way pretty much.

The software I use for editing:

Final Cut Pro - After editing I export using compressor settings> apple pro res > after its finished

Compressor 4 > then sub if you want to know the custom templates I use for 1080 and 720 or if you have money i'll share with you through email the best program with awesome presets. Ya thats a tease but subs will help me want to make videos to that will keep me busy better than doing drugs you know haha….

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