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Could someone from Activision, Infinity Ward or Sledghammer please answer one question?

1. Why am I being consistently matched up with lobbies/players that are in excess of 1000 miles away?

For whatever reason, I very  rarely play in lobbies (Domination) in St Louis, Memphis, Kansas City, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Minneapolis, Dallas......and all their corresponding suburban/metro areas. Instead, I am forced to play in Canada and New York. For obvious reasons, I am at a huge disadvantage the vast majority of the time, not to mention hosting frequently.

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There's nobody here from IW or any of these companies, this is a discussion forum just for gamers so you'll have to contact them directly if you want an 'official' answer.

This subject has been discussed at great length many times so the forum search facility will get you some answers and opinions but it's so late in the day with this game now nothing will change.

Get yourself an order in for Black Ops 2 and hope (like me) that the new game is much better.

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