Spec Ops or Zombies?

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I've done the same thing with creating challenges with friends and I find that fun because you can't really make up those same challenges in Spec Ops. Shotguns only, no power (no perks), no box, restricting things and holding out certain places to make it tricky for ourselves it what makes it more fun.

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dude of course youll be able to do challenges in spec ops. you have a whole map to find different places to camp in, or do the opposite and try to run the whole time, no automatic weapons, or no killstreaks or perks, or only use what enemies give you (cant access the armories). you could change it up soo much in spec ops. like i said zombies is just done. i played it for hours a day for 3 years, i cant do it anymore

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Prever spec-ops over zombies. Why? Just don't like zombies. It doesn't rock my boat.

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Definitely Spec Ops.

I always thought zombies were dumb. It made me not buy map packs for Black Ops.

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Zombies is stupid, and boring. it's just a sideshow like someone said above to hide Treyarchs horribly made MP. But I've always hated zombies since they started it in Black ops. Spec ops IS fun, just ONLY when you have another player with you, and now that matchmaking has finally been introduced, I'll be playing this a lot.

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I think it is also fun solo

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Zombies was fine in W@W, but in Black Ops it got pretty ridiculous with changing this and changing that.

Spec Ops has always been a favorite mode of mine, and I was pretty disappointed when it wasn't updated like they promised in MW2. And now that matchmaking was added I really want to play it.

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Zombies can get extremely boring after a while...i mean wheres the fun in running round in circles then turning and shooting for a high round? spec ops will bring a nice challenge to me and my friends.

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I can't lie, Zombies was extremely fun and addictive! But the problem with it was that after a while, the only way to survive was to run a train, and for me, running in circles for hours killing zombie after zombie got kinda boring.

I'm looking forward to Survival a lot because not only does the enemy get more and more difficult each round, they have many different type of enemies too! Also, there are so many different ways to play Survival and so many different maps that I don't think it will ever get boring for me!


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Specops will now be better with the ranks


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