Spec Ops or Zombies?

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spec ops

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I never did like Zombies but I played Spec ops at Call of Duty XP in LA and it was awsome loved it!  I do wish it was 4 player

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I am SOOOOOO SICK of hearing about people wanting Zombies on MW games.

Personally, I think zombies is retarded and stupid. The Zombie infatuation itself is stupid IMO.

But that aside, MW is its own entity. It isn't a game that I want to have tainted by any other game. I don't want things to be dragged over from past experiences, I want a NEW experience.  I want something that hasn't been done yet. Like the new setup for the survival mode. THAT is fresh. Ai that aren't mindless tards, but instead, they are designed so that they can hit you from long range like you can do to them.

Zombies is a game of tag. Survival mode on MW3 is war. War is something that fits with FPS games. Tag, is just stupid.

Thats my opinion in a nutshell.

I hope 'zombies' never make an appearance in the Modern Warfare franchise.

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Yea try running rape trains when they are shooting at you lol...

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Yes sir! This is what i want to hear. I really hope activision just kicks 3arc soon and lets IW double up their staff to make ALL COD games from now on.

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Spec Ops = zombies that are smart enough to shoot back

In all seriousness I'll probably enjoy Spec Ops way more than I ever enjoyed Zombies.

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In all seriousness, you sound like a very smart man. No really once its out there and everyone's tried it, its gonna blow up to be waaay better than zombies. Imagine how many places there are going to be on each map with a whole list of tactics to use in each spot and then multiply those by 16..

Seriously everyones gonna want to be finding out new and better strategies for all the different spec ops maps and sharing their own. Its gonna be amazing to see zombies/3arc to fall on their faces as badly as they need to.

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I think both will be cool, but I'm thinking Spec Ops will get more game time from me.

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Zombies are better IMO

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