Spec Ops or Zombies?

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I'd prefer zombies in an IW game than a treyarch game. But new spec ops looks awesome.

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Zombies is boring, it was only in Treyarch games to save their game from being completely terrible

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Zombies has become the same every new map, I only play it to get the story then ditch it now. Spec ops will be a refreshing change, especially survival, where ANY map from MP can be used to fight it out on.

I can't wait to go "James Bond" on a big map in survival with just my P99 lol

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I think I'm in the minority because zombies was boring to me. Now, the Spec Ops in MW2 was stupid (I only played it to get some chevos), but the Survival Spec Ops in MW3 looks quite good actually. I'll have to see if it holds my interest because I've never been a big fan of horde mode styles.

I really wish they'd bring back Arcade Mode -- I loved playing that in Cod4.

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4 players > 2 players IMO. Zombies.

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spec ops for sure. zombies is just some lame scifi crap, no thanks

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I prefer spec ops over zombies. I played zombies alot with my friends and it was boring. Spec ops was always fun. I think spec ops is also fun solo unlike zombies. I will played spec ops alot SOLO and with my friends.

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Eh, always loved zombies both solo and MP, but I think I'll enjoy Survival even more.

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If you are talking about MW2 spec ops, then zombies beats it any day of the week.

But judging a game before it comes out? That's wrong.

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