Thank you [Ai] !!!

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I want to tip my hat to Red, Wolfy and Mars of [Ai]!

I logged in to "try" and get in a few decent matches and I found myself in a lobby with you three.

If you remember me I was playing my secondary account Trololol. I started against you guys in Outpost and and got some kills on all three of you, but mostly eneded up killing or being killed by Mars (lol). I laughed my arse off dueling with Wolfy trolling his Riot shield in Dome. I was also matched up both with and against you on another two or three matches, Seatown, Mission and maybe Village if I remember correctly.

  Anyway... it was refreshing playing with/against some legit players for a change.

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ah how could i miss this.. i was gonna join wolfy but i forgot to

U gonna deal with me,the [ a i ] MadHouse next time.. Enjoy your short life till then..

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Lol, I ran into Mars on my alternate account too. It should be easy to remember for him - it was the match where one idiot was going around spamming explosives

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Its wierd, I used to run into AI all the time in Reflex but I haven't seen even one AI member in any other game. Ever

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They all gave up on the Wii after MW3 hackers runined the game. I litterally see one Ai member on every few days.

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Lol, two houses, one wii for mii ( see what i did there )

You should join with us sometimes 23, we are playin team turtle and other weird stuff like that, mostly me and noah, ask noah and hear some weird story's

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You're welcome

I was just trying to get my Riot Shield challage done and you would end up behind me T^T

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Np! you were pretty good yourself! Although I was using the M16

And why do you say we are legit? Vamp is a loving redbox kid(silentshot) molesting hopper.

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Yep and wii ai members are mostly on BO now

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Smiley Surprised u play BO??? PM me ur ally code lol via in the Ai website please.

I barely have friends in BO at the moment.

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