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The playlist Poll

I wonder just how many of the votes in that poll are actually by unqiue ips and not just someone creating second and third accounts to drive up one list or another. I know some would say this wont happen... but yes it can and does happen. This site does not require a GT to make an account so anyone can make a dozen accounts on any of the free email sites just to manipulate the poll in the direction they wanted. Hopefully the mods and devs have some way of telling which are new or unique ip's and which are clones or proxied ip/accounts used to change the poll in their favor. Any clone ip, or proxied ip vote should not count as a true vote as toward what is wanted or wished for by the players.

Futher I think they should have placed the information about the poll in the in game ticker to let more players know about it so they could come vote and not just be left holding the bag on what ever change gets made.

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