The "High Calibur" clan is recruiting for Black Ops 2 (PS3)

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The "High Calibur" clan is recruiting for Black Op...

Are you looking for a well organized clan? Do you want to start Black Ops 2 with a fresh start and new clan? Look no further! High Calibur is the clan you are seeking.  We are hosting tryouts when the game is released. Tryouts will be active from release day to March 30th.

What can the clan offer you?
-MLG Team
-Monthly Clan Tourney's
-Youtube Channel

-Level 50 Clan on ELITE (MW3)

-Player of the Week
-Private Match lobby's such as Border Patrol, Michael Myers, ex...
-Clan Practices (this is optional, this is where you learn to improve your gameplay)

These are some of the basics that the clan has, there is more ideas like these but you need to become a member in order to see the ideas and participate in them.

Some Background Info on the Clan

This clan was started February 1st, 2012 and currently has a level 46 clan on MW3 that will be level 50 before Black Ops2 is released.
Our players are ranked high in leaderboards and know how to play. We accept average players and above. Some of our players have been ranked top 10 in the world in Lone Wolf Operations, and for Clan Ops, we have come top 100 many times.

Clan Requirements

- Must partake in atleast 3/9 activites the clan has. For example, Clan Ops, Clan Challenges (If that is in Black Ops 2)

-Decent KD (1.50 & above) OR High Score Per Minute (260 and above)
-Respect to others
-No Racism

So What are you waiting for? The only thing is Black Ops 2. The best case scenario to being prepared for Black Ops 2 is to be in a clan! Message kidisgood96 on PSN, or message me on here. Have a great day and great cod experience!

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